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ERPNext: SMS Gateway Integration


I am trying to integrate Textlocal’s SMS gateway service to ERPNext. I configured SMS Setting based on SMS Setting

and I am trying to send Message from SMS Center. The SMS Log says, SMS Sent but neither my Textlocal Dashboard see any message nor do i receive the message to intended receiver

Thanks in Advance

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I tried Postman the request and is giving ‘success’ message with following parameters. PFB Screenshot

I see ‘numbers’ as a parameter of my http api while the code in doesn’t seem to provide ‘numbers’ argument.

Please guide me integrate my SMS gateway

Thanks in Advance

Please enter the three parameters

  • username
  • hash
  • sender

You can find the attached screenshot.

Hi @harsha,

modifying "message parmeter’’ and “receiver parameter” did the trick.


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Not Working for me, I am using Textlocal