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ERPNext Selected in ERP FrontRunner Quadrant by Gartner


Yes, close to being a “pacesetter”, but I don’t see why something like Microsoft dynamics would be considered a higher “value”, since they are so much more expensive (as per the vertical axis). Anyways, being on the radar screen is definitely good for awareness, and I have no doubt that Erpnext will continue to move up.




Well done, It looks like this is the ticket to the game with the big players. I have no doubt that ERPNext will continue to grow and deliver ongoing value.


I wonder what metrics they use


A big congratulations to the entire community. I am positive ERPNext will Continue to Do well and Move Even High.


All the very best to community especially team Frappe for making this happen!!! Hats Off !!!


well done, congratulations to us all! Special thanks to @rmehta and his team at Frappe for the major contributions to elevate ERPNext to such a level!


ERPNext in Pacesetters quadrant October 2017!


What a rapid move. By last quarter of 2018 i can predict that Erpnext will be in Master Quadrant




The latest movement of ERPNext on Gartner Methodology:


Announced :wink: :


oh sorry! am late with the announcement then.


It is updated on April 2019.


I don’t know you, but… I totally desagree with… The other 2 solutions are not that much…


Hello, @xickomesquita, do you disagree on which statement? Which solutions don’t match?


I don’t like the other 2 solutions… ePromis and Mie Trak Pro… and I believe the parameters are not ok. The usability, scalability, strenth, flexibility and a lot of this, on ERPNext, are too much better!!


Congratulations to all team members non-members …
Let’s continue working to improve.


Great job to all in general and the Frappe team in particular. Now to get it to the Masters quadrant with those new features :slight_smile: