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ERPNext Open Source Software Foundation (EOSSF)

Just received a confirmation from the Ministry:

“The Approved Company Name is ERPNext Open Source Software Foundation”

EOSSF then it is!


Great :slight_smile: Congrats !




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I think the reality is a lot more nuanced that this. Here is how we see it:

  1. ERPNext is an independant open source project. The “source” is with you, so anyone can fork and keep maintaining it. Currently the “official” fork is followed because it is being heavily updated and improved, mostly funded by customers who sign up on (Frappe Ltd)
  2. There is an increasing community which consists of end-users (small and mid-sized companies) and service providers, lets call this
  3. Unlike most open source commercial products, Frappe Ltd does not intend to monetize services from this community other than if they eventually signup on
  4. So there are 2 commerical interests, “services” and Frappe Ltd and both the organizations ( and represent those interests. There are obvious overlaps. All contributions from directly go to the commons and contributions from will also come back to the commons. Surprisingly in this model, there are very few conflicts
  5. is not particularly interested in “enterprise” features for erpnext, which can be sponsored, maintained and forwarded by This is also a huge opportunity for other service providers (other than Frappe Ltd) to become significant paid contributors.
  6. The project “erpnext” should be jointly managed by both and and should be based on meritocracy. Either ways erpnext is almost a platform and there could be apps (like Jasper integration by @luisfmfernandes or Alfresco Integration by @CWT, Amazon S3 integration by @ccfiel) that could be maintained by the community.
  7. Some of the common stuff like manuals, videos etc can be made by anyone in the community and again I don’t think there will be any conflicts here too.
  8. Either ways, has no real advantage other than the track record of supporting hundreds of organizations that run erpnext and the advantage of being the original publisher, because there are already tons of services providers enabled by bitnami

I think its a pretty clean structure, and we are pretty excited to see the energy of the community in taking this forward :smile:

Edit: Infact we will be really happy to handover the community to the foundation, so that we can concentrate on improving the product and our goal “making ERP simple!”


Congrats @rushabh_mehta

We are very exited about next steps :slight_smile:

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@rmehta I was wondering would you consider naming as Frappe Foundation ? as that looks more promising than erpnext foundation.
Even otherwise this is a excellent initiative.
For the position of BOD or similar, there should be elections as done in the case of OpenStack. They conduct elections for it annually.

Please go through this

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I am happy to see this discussion is getting broader attention and so many of you are contributing their thoughts.

@rmehta I completely agree with your last statement. @vrms I think the foundation needs good articles of incorporation and a clear mission statement, however we have to remember the foundation much like the project itself is growing, ever changing and professionalizing. I think the same approach can be applied to he foundation. We should get help and experience in wherever possible but to me the primary goal right now is to get he foundation started with a set of core values and rules that we all intrinsically apply anyways and then improve as we go. This will take on a life of its own.

We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel and all people involved at Frappe and the community are good people that (at the moment) want the same. Let’s create two entities that keep each other in Checks and Balances.

I want to make one thing crystal clear! We should refrain from too much suspicion only because Odoo and co. have turned over to Freemium. The guys at Frappe are dedicated to Open Source and I think they have a mission larger than a paycheck.

The main reasons for me to push for the foundation at the moment are to facilitate development from the community and community engagement, a clear message that ERPNext is well funded and communally governed so people aren’t worried about that in their considerations and a bullet proof structure that develops as we go to brace for the growth this amazing product will go through while Frappe will grow beyond what we now imagine.

that is true and that is good. An I really appreciate that we are even having this discussion.

But in the end it doesn’t really matter whether intentions have been good ones at any point in time. Legal construction are necessary for times where not everybody wants the same and not everybody is good hearted. That’s what a law is for, to govern a group of people with same or different interests.

I am not 100% sure whether it might be workable to ‘get started quickly and adopt as going along’ (that’s what I boil down your statement to) or whether its crucial to do it right to the comma from the start. I think once legal structures are established it might be pretty hard to adjust those due to mere practicalities and reluctance to touch such a dry matter ever again.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I am paranoid and don’t want to trust anyone. I am just thinking that it shouldn’t matter how circumstances or opinions might change in the future or not.

I admit that the example Odoo might have had some impact on my point of view though

Since the EOSSF is governed by Companies Act, it will follow the mechanism provided in there. More details on this would be available from public docs available on MCA site, I believe.

ps: I’m late to this interesting discussion. I was actually searching for the legal name of foundation and stumbled upon this post.