ERPNext New England Meetup 2020

Hello everyone,

In the past 2 years there have been 2 meetups with the ERPNext members in Greater Boston Area.
@tmatteson has been organizing the meetups.

2018 ( ERPNext New England Meetup )
2019 ( New England (Boston) Meetup )

I was thinking to conduct another meetup in Greater Boston Area. I spoke with my boss and he is willing to give us the office for the meetup. I also spoke with @tmatteson couple of days ago and he proposed around April or May. If anyone interested, please let us know.

P.S. I am tagging all the people I tagged one year ago just to let them know. @DrTrills , @woakes070048 , @cradford , @stardotmatt , @bkm , @anand


I propose Saturday April 25th or May 2nd.

  • April 25, 2020
  • May 2, 2020

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@cgpurbaugh Also came up from Baltimore last year
@AV8 Jeremy, @MichaelPinkowski and @brian_pond would like to know about it but they’re out on the West coast

Montreal area Canucks @fblauer @lefebvre_bern take note

Perhaps one of you may be able to video this to share…

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Not a lot of traction on this… maybe Aldo and I will just get together and hack
At a Dunkin because Boston.

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Boston is just far to expensive for my budget. Although I cannot think of any location north of Richmond that would be any better either. Happy Dunkin!


@bkm Where are you located? Because the meetup will be just one day, so you won’t have to sleep here. And if you need a ride around Boston, I can help you with that so you won;t need to spend money in taxi.

Otherwise if anyone has another idea for location, you are welcome to give suggestions. But since my boss is willing to give us the office for the meeting, I though to organize it here and we don’t have to pay for it.

Would greatly enjoy meeting you all in-person. But the journey is too far/expensive, to justify spending a day chatting over a Cup O’ Joe.

If Tyler or Aldo want to share their audio/video, I’d certainly enjoy hacking remotely with them.

@iMoshi are you in New England?

@brian_pond I think we may be able to broadcast, stay tuned.

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Hey Everyone,

I have a non profit mental health clinic reach out to us about creating a mental health module. Would anyone be interested on helping on this?

Also, I was wondering if we should start doing virtual meetup one a month or quarterly.

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Bob! Happy to participate. Let me know how to get involved.




I am going to be talking the them later today. To get more details. My team wrote a custom application for the mental health field 4 years ago but it was on open EMR and after seeing what erpnext healthcare module i think it.

I will start to their requirements and work on some documents for it.

Also, my name is William.

Okay Mr. Oakes! Apologies for calling you Bob.



Considering the COVID-19 issue, maybe it could be a web meeting?

Thats what i was thinking. I think we should try to do them regularly.


I am a new ERPNext user in Boston area. Will there be a 2021 meetup?

Hi James - Suggest you make a connection with @tmatteson (located in New Hampshire). He’s likely aware of any New England meetups. Or could add you to a mailing list.