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ERPNext Learning Resources


Hello, are there any complete online tutorials for Erpnext? Either free or paid? I saw this website called that provides fully vertical integration tutorials for odoo and found the courses to be very useful, are there similar courses for Erpnext? I went through the webinars on youtube, but they are just general overview of what erpnext is capable of. If you have any similar courses to odooclass for erpnext please share them here.

Thank you.


Refer documentation in erpnext site and GitHub.


I don’t know of courses, but on ERPNext channel on YouTube you can find webinars for various modules that will take you through the entire workflow of that particular module.

Also, if you read ERPNext code, you will get to know and learn how to write code.

Also, this forum too is a great resource so if try searching you will get answers.