ERPNext Issues Version 8.9.1

  1. Session Expired on every 2 minutes even though I have set Session Expiry time 24:00 hrs in system settings.
  2. Role Permission manager automatically changed for all users When I changed user permission for any users.
  3. When set users permission for doctype its take too much time with a prompt with updating messages.
  4. When I am making sales Invoice form sales order and on back to sales order it showing update to continue (Not saved Status).
  5. On reload always showing a dialog leave page or stay page.
  6. On Tax and charges templates deduct is not working as before. its only showing correct value on save the document.

How to fixed those issues.


may be you are trying to access system from multiple systems simultaneously

This has been added to avoid data loss, if someone by mistake clicks on close button.

Please elaborate.

This is very annoying, Could you make it optional or configuration in system settings

Yes - I agree that this is annoying. Other systems (wordpress is one example) implement this in a way that if and only if unsaved data is there, this type of dialog appears. Don’t know if that is possible here.

when I am deducting any round off value of purchase invoice then total amount calculation is not accurate.Instead of deducting its add the value with the grand total. Only after save the document the total is accurate.