ERPNext Integration with WordPress WooCommerce

The conection woocomerce have error in webhook (woocomerce). Help!!.


Estado: HTTP 403 Forbidden: Not Permitted
window.frappe = {}; frappe.ready_events = []; frappe.ready = function(fn) { frappe.ready_events.push(fn); } window.dev_server = 0; Flex <a

Not Permitted You do not have enough permissions to complete the action

Home Status: 403 frappe.ready(function() { if(window.location.hash) {

User needs to be system manager.

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Has anyone had that woocommerce error indicated above, in addition there is in this integration of woocomerce with erpnext have product synchronization? I do not see reflected.

Help please!

Hi @Erick_Rojas_Figueroa ,
sorry for asking you.
have you received success with WooCommerce sync?
thanks for your answer

In version its there ?

Hello, @Erick_Rojas_Figueroa have you got the solution on this ?

i also receiving same issue