ERPNext Integration with WordPress WooCommerce

sorry I missed that part about the end of the week I only caught what you had working…

No worries, I least I see interest in with this kind of work. I hope to turn this over to the community and maybe the foundation can pick it up. If they do I will work on an ebay integration. I am actually working on this just to talk to ebay since I already have woocommerce and ebay talking to each other. Since the shopping cart app is not up to par just yet, I will use the erpnext woocommerce ebay trio to work. Ideally I would only have erpnext talk to ebay and use the erpnext shopping cart but I don’t think I have the skill to help on the shopping cart…

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@Ralph_Lavaud thanks for taking this on. You just covered a massive gap that has been missing in the ecosystem


@Ralph_Lavaud will this work with multiple woocommece installs?

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No multi store but I think it would be possible to refactor that in once we have a good working version. Right now I am struggling with the Sync from ERPNext to Woocommerce. We just don’t have a one to one relationship
Customers don’t have an email or user name in ERPNext. Email is stuff in address… Username I am not sure I haven’t checked. We can have multiple addresses in ERPNext and only 2 in woocommerce

Do we actually need ERPNext to Woocommerce synch or Woocommerce to ERPNext is good enough?

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@Ralph_Lavaud Thank you so much for the excellent work. ERPNext to Woocommerce is important as well in order for the two systems to maintain the same stock information.

I am definitely getting stock back to woocommerce, that’t the whole point. The issue comes in with the following scenarios
1 I create a customer in ERPNext, do we push it over to Woocommerce? I see little value in this
2 I create a product in ERPNext do we push it to woocommerce and update part of it subcequently (stock, price, etc)
3 I downloaded an order from woocommerce, refunded it in erpnext do I push the refund over?

2 and 3 are not a large problem, but 1 is there is not a good 1 to 1 relationship for customers in erpnext we would need to make some assumption

But Stock is key I am working on this today.


First, thank you for doing this work.

  1. I don’t think this is required as most many people will have offline customers as well. Certainly not in v1.
  2. I think not all products may need to be synced. Perhaps, there is an option where a person specifies that sync with woocommerce.
  3. Refunds can come in v2?


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Since I am using the shopify app as a base, we do have to option to flag product, and customers to be synch up with woocommerce.

I will move along with stock then publish and we can see were we go from there.

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Damn, this plugin is sweet. I could see myself pick woocommerce over magento if the integration for magento does not work.

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Ralph, looking forward to testing it out. Any ETA?

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Almost there. I should be updating the repo today. I want to finish stock update first and clean up a bit

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@Ralph_Lavaud any way you think once it’s ready you’d like to merge it into the main system?

Once I am satisfied that we have a working app, I am giving it to ERPNext and and if they community want it can certainly be merge but I don’t make that kind of decision, the foundation will do that I suppose

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@Ralph_Lavaud I would still make a pull request so it comes to their attention.

Yes. Please do make a pull request. That way it will be reviewed.

Question to the community
The woocommerce API does not let us filter with a modify date (unlike shopify)
What I mean is
If you create a product on January 1st 2017 and download with the filter after december 31 2016 the item will show up. But now in march you make some changes this item in woocommerce lets say march 2nd 2017, if I grab the item from woocomerce with filter after March 1st this item won’t show because it’s create date is January 1st.

In short we can’t tell woocommerce to give us items that have changed after a certain date.

So to go around that I have to download all the product and discard those that have not changed

My question to the community is do you think this would be a heavy load on woocommerce? If you have 200 items that’s 2 request at 100 items per request. If you have 2000 that’s 20 request…

The other option is to use the deprecated woocommerce api which does have a filter option but I think that makes no sense.

What do you guys think?

As promised I have committed my initial code to the github
Feel free to take a look

@jai_kejriwal there is still much work to be done to iron out the kinks. I have not touch the documentation either… but hey I have a working app at least on my local machine. What is the process to get this vetted, cleaned up and integrated with ERPNext (Once it’s good enough)?


The first step to get this vetted is to send a pull request to ERPNext to
merge this. Please do that. As it takes a while for the team to review all
the PRs coming through.

Thanks for the initiative and this work.