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Erpnext installation on Google Cloud platform

I tried since last 2 days.
Can anyone help to get ride over erpnext on gcp free tier?

I have registered google Cloud for 1 year free for experiment.


Use the easy install script

Its amazing !!! Just took 30 min and done.

–Installation configuration
Google Cloud Platform (tried on 1 Year Free tier)
Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-1078-gcp x86_64)

smthakor1979@instance-2:~$ sudo su

root@instance-2:/home/smthakor1979# apt-get update

root@instance-2:/home/smthakor1979# apt-get upgrade

root@instance-2:/home/smthakor1979# wget

root@instance-2:/home/smthakor1979# sudo python --production

–Bench’s CLI needs these to be defined!
–Run the following commands in shell:

root@instance-2:/home/smthakor1979# export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8

– run again
root@instance-2:/home/smthakor1979# sudo python --production

–First password for Mysql
–Second password for ERPNext Login

root@instance-2:/home/smthakor1979# sudo su - frappe

frappe@instance-2:~ cd frappe-bench/sites

frappe@instance-2:~ mv site1.local

frappe@instance-2:~ nano

–Add This Line below MariaDB
“host_name”: “”,

–save and close nano

frappe@instance-2:~/frappe-bench$ sudo bench config dns_multitenant on

frappe@instance-2:~/frappe-bench$ sudo bench setup add-domain

frappe@instance-2:~/frappe-bench$ sudo -H bench setup lets-encrypt

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