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ERPNext Installation in RDS AURORA MySQL

I managed to install successfully ERPNext in RDS Aurora MySQL. I had to configure the Parameter Groups to fit the requirements of the ERPNext database. Also I had to modify some sql statements that Frappe use to create some tables because RDS Aurora doesn’t support large primary keys when COMPRESSED format is used in table creation. Also RDS doesn’t support GRANT ALL PERMISSION, so I had to change the statement that gives permission to the user. I made some modifications in frappe to allow the SSL connection whit RDS because Amazon only provides a bundle certificate, I changed the mysql connection string to only use this certificate and it works correctly. I was thinking in make a pull request to Frappe but I’m not sure if I can do it to master.


Can you share your script. Thanks

Please do make a pull request. It has to go on develop if it’s not a bugfix.

Hello @seethersan were you able to create a pull request?, I am a similar issue Installing ERPNext on a mariaDB server on Azure.