Erpnext installation advice

hi there all i need help i am new here and i would like to instal erpnext on a VPS server i have got hostinger VPS server with this details

CPU Cores 1
Total CPU Speed 2.4Ghz
Memory 1Gb
Disk Space 20Gb
Bandwidth 1000Gb
Location Singapore

its it ok for me to do it with it our what i need more ?

Memory at least 2G?

I’m not a technical expert, but I believe you will have an issue with only 1GB of memory. I would expect at least 4GB, but the more the better.

I have installed my version on a small NUC, and it is there in a VirtualBox. I gave it 6.8GB of RAM and 1 CPU and it works just fine. Storage is 7.6GB with some test data.

It’s not blazingly fast, but I expect it will be quite ok for a handful users in real production, though I am planning to give it then possibly an upgrade on the RAM.

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thanks for the advice i would like to know more about instillation

what is the best Operating system that’s can make it work better ? i am not sure

centos 7 46bit with cyberpanel is it ok for it ?

Sir, Please help me. My business has 3 users. Can i use this without any problem with following specs.

2 Core
2GB Ram
2000GB Bandwidth

With docker installation, I guess 1gb of memory should work for you (read it somewhere in the forum)
3 user is no problem for Erpnext to handle.

I guess most of users prefer Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04. I recently installed it on Ubuntu 20.04
manually without any issues.
But with 1 gb ram you would run into installation issues. I guess minimum 2GB is must but not sure. Ideal would be 4GB for sure as I am running currently on Linode without any issues .

My best suggestion would be Frappe cloud services if you are completely new to the installation stuff and want to avoid the server maintenance hassles.