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ERPNext in US and Canada


I’m in Baltimore, so Boston would be convenient for me. Or at least more convenient than Mumbai!


@tmatteson thanks for the suggestions, but I am really not an expert on LXD nor containers. I just started using them, since I found them better than VM’s for testing and training purposes. I am now relying on my partner Bernard to handle all the infrastructure stuff, and we mostly use AWS and virtual servers now. I havn’t played with LXD in quite a while. In fact, my background is accounting, and that is my area of expertise, But would be happy to contribute to the discussions, from that perspective.


@tmatteson my business partner has been moving everything to containers and we are using openshift for everything so he might also be a good resource.


@woakes070048 I am in favour of using infrastructure tools that we already have and already know for any collaboration such as the “discuss” forum, erpnext itself etc. Maybe a sub-forum on discuss, as Rushab offered. Might even be useful to see what other countries or regions are doing. (such as Australia. UK etc) Don’t mind going to Boston eventually, but I don’t see why we can’t meet online for now, and see how we can work together.

Is anyone here involved in the Erpnext foundation? Just wondering what kinds of activities they are doing, and if it affects the localization things that we are talking about.
Interesting to see what the Odoo community is doing:
I think in their case its probably a different situation, since they seem to be worried about commercial interests taking over.


Thanks for your vote @tmatteson

Yup for sure to prove, sustain and surely learn and piece together how the code truly works, choice tests and use cases are the one practical way forward

And not to proselytize too much…IMHO for the Foundation to mandate TDD (along with automated build and test) would add immensely to sustain and grow this into a rock solid body of work. (You know, in the same way to adopt ERP is in the best interest of business practice.)

In any case my immediate goal is to win a client implementation. And if that involves customization for sure that will require too a selection of tests.

IMO the general documentation could benefit from a more in-depth explanation to illustrate TDD practice.


Since we have a willing volunteer, perhaps @clarkej can be conscripted for a webinar? That seems to be the starting point that many are targeting and it has the benefit of low infrastructure cost. If we were to time it with the release of the “Chapters” piece, we’d be able to propose a reasonable value proposition beyond ‘let’s see where this goes’.


@fblauer and @woakes070048 - I think containers are a critical piece moving forward and I’d love to get some opinions and techniques out there for the community. Perhaps this would also be a good webinar topic?

At some point, it’d be good to have an embedded poll…


I’m based in Vancouver BC. Keen to participate in a meetup, or a coffee!

I see @Ben_Cornwell_Mott is also in Vancouver, hi!


Agreed. I am a noob with webinar tools. But coincidentally, for a remote demo meetup with client prospects, I have my hands on Rocket.Chat that may fit for that task.


I have used all the subscription services and and they’re all equally blase. Google Hangouts probably has the lowest threshold. Another good use case for an embedded poll…

@clarkej How soon would you have something ready? And is there an open source application you’d like to use? If not, perhaps the ‘Meetings’ app that the Frappe team did in their video series, I suspect the TDD approach would be essentially the same in reverse.


@clarkej @tmatteson we also use rocketchat in house and it works very well. I have also used a big blue button and that works very well for conferencing and webinars too.

I think the best way for us to get started is to just start laying out a roadmap. What i am going to do is i am going to go though this thread and compile it all into a single document.


Any ERPNext meetup in Toronto, Canada? I am happy to set one up if there is none and we have enough interest.


@jokermao is also in Toronto. You guys should talk.


Hi Malik, let me know if you like to organize this meeting. Thanks @tmatteson


Yes! I will set this up and invite those that have shown interest. Will do that in a couple of days and let you knw


I would like to host a conference call and work out with y’all the structure for the Chapters in North America. Do you think that’s a good idea? I’d like to circulate a public document before that and get some inputs about who each one of you are, where you are based, whether you are keen on heading the Town/City/County/State/Regional/National or Continental Chapters. :slight_smile:

Does that sound okay? Or do you guys see that as intrusion? I’d really like to just facilitate this discussion and finalize the structure for the chapters and sew up the Chapters and the Chapter Heads.




Sounds okay to me. It’s not an intrusion if we agree to it. Should we just message you, say we want to participate, and give you our contact information? Then you can send out email blasts to us. Including the document you mentioned, plus later a calendar invite for the conference call?


We are also a communications vendor located in NY depending on the number of attendees we could very easily facilitate initial web meetings through WebRTC… Let us know how we can help!
Of course Boston is just up the road so we are also eager if there is a New England location for a face to face…


In the absence of any serious objection, I will swing into action and we will work out a schedule maybe in the week after next.

Happy Memorial Day!!




Will y’all please complete this short survey expressing your interest about heading Chapters and as to when we can have the call.

Even if you do not want to head a chapter, your participation in the call will help us get your inputs and help you influence the direction of ERPNext in your country/continent.

Would each of you please complete the survey before June 1, 2017?

Here’s the link to the Survey: