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ERPNext in US and Canada


Wow there is alot more user in the area than i initially thought. This is great!


Count in two more! Myself and one or two colleagues would be eager to attend something on the east coast. Our company, based out of Baltimore, has been working with ERPNext for almost two years now.

We were interested in the prior meetups (both India and Germany), however, hefty travel expenses inhibited our ability to attend. We are definitely interested in any domestic meetup.



@sellisjr i agree. I think that given a few more people we can really start to pool some resource and make it happen


I am in The Raleigh Area and very much interested in this initiative activities.


Hey BKM, I am in the Raleigh area. what is your involvement with ERPNext? maybe we can schedule a get together to share and discuss?


Nice! If there are more folks in the Southeast it may make sense to get a meetup going there too.

Speak up folks!


I am in San Antonio Texas. My travel schedule is pretty limited right now, but hopefully we can keep having these meetings going and I can come out to meet and greet in the future. Great to see so many out here in North America!



Hey just getting into ERPNext. And have done a few small changes. For a very small food manufactuing company startup. Unfortunatly no budget for travel at this point. We are near Winnipeg Canada.


I’m in Providence, RI so count me in.


My company is on the west coast in Vancouver, but I might be able make it out to Boston in September / October if it works with my other travel plans (I’m out east on vacation around that time).

Very much looking forward to an expanding North American adoption of ERPNext.


Hi Ben,
Meet @brian_pond, who is in Oregon, as I recall. He’s volunteered to marshal some folks for a PNW gathering. We’d love to see you out east in the fall. Bring some friends!


Interested in Pacific NW activities as well!


Hi James,

I live in Spokane, WA. So far, the only PacNW folks that have spoken up are yourself, and @Ben_Cornwell_Mott, who lives in Vancouver.

I’m out-of-the-way for you guys. But I can drive over to the coast, and meet you guys anywhere between Seattle and Vancouver (BC) We’d just need to pick a date and find a place.

I’m pretty new to ERPNext, but would be happy to network with fellow users. Feel free to chat anytime. My main email is



I wonder if it makes sense for ERPNext to keep a directory of companies that are using the software, so that we can keep track of how many users and where they are geographically. Signing up would of course be optional (maybe just include company name, address, and discuss username/email address of ERPNExt champion), but it might help with planning future conferences, organizing meet ups, etc.


We are working on a “Chapters” section on the website. Stay tuned!


@Dale_Scott and I compare notes now and again and aim to raise the ERPNext flag here.

Calgary is 1000 km east of the Pacific coast from Vancouver. We are eyeing renewable energy given our oil and gas economy doldrums.

Next week the Python Software Foundation hosts the ‘largest Python conference in the world’ -in Portland, Oregon 2 days of tutorials + 3 days of conference talks etc

No business software but rather application-specific libraries in math and science it seems.


Have to say, I am really looking forward to this.


Hey guys i am in the process in setting up some infrastructure for us to better collaborate, communicate, share use cases, and any localization that we might have. I am think that we could have a ERPNext, a forum for localization in the US, Nuxeo for document storage and sharing. It will all be integrated in the future so it will be SSO for all of the apps. It would also be nice to get everyone address and info into a CRM that way we can figure out the best place to have meetups and a conference in the US for this year or next. I am thinking that Boston will be our best bet. I also think it would be great if we could all get in on the process of doing webinars on a regular basis for preservative clients. Anyone one else have anymore ideas?


I have ideas for conference presentations…

I’d love to see @fblauer do a talk on LXD and containers
I’d love to see @clarkej do a talk on TDD within ERPNext
A foundation update from @JayRam
A panel on Canadian localizations with any of @Dbone, @clarkej, @fblauer, @Ben_Cornwell_Mott and/or @jokermao
A panel on US localizations, probably focusing on the Northeast states if that’s where we’re conferencing and pull a majority of attendees from, @woakes070048 for sure, others TBD
It’d be good to solicit proposals for ~20 minute pieces on projects that tackle that something noteworthy or unique.

Sorry if that’s kind of specific, but I find organizing these things a lot of fun.


While my physical travel is very limited right now, I would be very interested in participating in any webinars or other online events.