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If I host the Version 5 on my on server then how do I export and import data.

I mean as of now we are hosted at frappe server.

Also, is there any good notes/books by which I can learn import/export utilities of mariadb?

You can download a backup of your data in:

ERPNext > Settings > Sistem > Download Backup

This will download a dump of your databases a a copy of the files respored in the system, you can create a dump of the database with mysqldump

Create dump
mysqldump --user=TU_USUARIO --password=TU_CONTRASE√ĎA NOMBRE_BASE_DE_DATOS > copia_seguridad.sql

Import dump
mysql --user=TU_USUARIO --password=TU_CONTRASE√ĎA < copia_seguridad.sql

Note than the database in the backup will be compresed and you will to uncrompress it with gunzip

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