ERPNext High Availability

Hi all, I would ask how to build High Availability ERPNext architecture, based on master/slave ERPNext application something like the below topology:

Kindly, if anyone knows how to set up ERP app as Master/Slave, tell me how.



Have you looked into MySQL replication?

Build up the master system, duplicate the complete VM and set MySQL to replicate. In case of (not load balancing), switch from the master to the slave…

Thank you for your reply,

I have already config two separate database nodes in cluster Galera, the replication works fine, I’m trying now to config HAproxy as load balancing for the 2 nodes…

what I want to know is can I make HAproxy load balancing for multi ERPNext servers linked with the same database cluster?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks @basel for the thread. Was going to raise a similar one but good that you did it. Please do let me know if you find a solution.

Maybe you can assist me with these questions as well.

Hi, i am also searching for a clear “tutorial” which explain the steps how to implement the high availability architecture presented above


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