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ERPNext freezing, pos sales auto submission, duplicate sales


Does this fix also affect offline PoS?

We are also now using offline


I think fixing the auto-submission will fix the duplicates, because I believe something about that auto-submission bug makes it possible to have a duplicate invoice also automatically created and submitted; probably that’s why @rohit_w is focusing on the auto-submission; its really the main issue.

What was the auto submission intended to do in the first place? What could we be missing of it is removed?

Lol! It was not intended, its the bug; the main one. On scanning items, system will freeze for a moment and sale just submits.

Hi @noetico @olamide_shodunke

Has anyone updated since the patch was released? Any improvements?


Somehow, this wound up in my junk mail! I havent updated? have the updates been pushed?

Hi @noetico

Yes indeed, they have

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Thanks @wale so the bugs are patched. Nice work! I’ll update. Thanks to the team

Hi, I’ve not been able to test the new update, can you confirm that you have tested and no more auto-submission and duplication?

Haven’t had the opportunity of updating yet. Really hope the patch solves offline POS issues too

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Same is still happening to me.

By the time of the following post I was on version 10

Now is starting to happen ( or we just noticed now) on version 11.

Its been impossible to me to pin point the scenario

It looks as if no one is interested in the online POS so for me, I gave up. There’s a whole lot of issues there, performance problems, duplicates, wrong invoice totals, auto submission, poor product display (names are so short in the grid). Offline is what works and I think it’s being given focus. Unfortunately offline is not acceptable for many people, since it’s too dependent on cashier actions to perform sync, with the risk of a valid printed invoice. I can easily say this will even fail many many audit and IT standards but it’s what it is here in ERPNext land.

Do tests exist for any of those issues, would that help identify and resolve them ?

Help with Writing Tests - Foundation and community invite to help with 'do nothing' pass tests

All these issues apply to offline too

So then is the question - whether to exercise the code with automated tests - is that the answer or the problem?

Could you explain this better ?

What’s there not to understand here?

Here’s a case, for example, that argues for a test Project and task table Bug

If you are referring to code tests, well, I don’t know, and it’s even hard to identify why for instance the duplicate sale happens or the auto submission. Apparently it’s something in the code and possibly because it’s almost now entirely JS handling everything. Like I always say, much like a broken radio, these things didn’t exist in version 6 which thankfully I still have in some places (over 7) running for many years now without any of such issues save for slowing down when db gets too large. All that was required was to just add features and improve v6 POS (as Toyota would do until it’s perfect) including adding in the offline feature, all right there… but everything was reworked and it’s been really unreliable.

That’s terrific news - so before v7 your POS issues did not exist!

To resolve any issue, once you can reproduce it at will, you are more than half way. You are much closer to a fix when you write a single test case that captures the problem. That is the essential goal and tipping point here - a selection of tests that mark, extend and solve nasty bugs.

(Tests not just exercise functions to validate they still work, but also detect breaking changes. Plus they neatly show how stuff works, a big win for learning too.)

Apart from that technical hurdle, there is of course the business one. That remains an impasse - our market audience has yet to meet the challenge here. (Nor can the Frappe folks be expected to solve every last issue.)

A popular Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

One problem seems to be the transaction separation and synchronization process. I can’t say exactly how or where that is implemented or better yet tested in the code.

Problem here is sharing someone’s business data, else we have some old data that has huge transactions and items. You can make a mock of 5 to 10 cashiers posting simultaneously and watch it grind to a halt. For about 3 months now, what one outlet does is to go offline in the evening/every evening when the volume spikes.