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ERPNext free webinars ( HR Module customization for Qatar )

ERPNext implementations in Doha Qatar face very particular challenges in Qatar when it is coming to HR Module along with Payroll.
Qatar has the mandatory requirement of WPS based salary, Minimum salary requirement nation wise, Metrash based renewals for documents, Tax submission, etc.

We at have fulfilled most of these requirements for our clients, and as solid supporters of GPL-V3, we publish all the modules as open source.

We will discuss these matters with all other implementations and ERPNext clients this week. Please send an email to for the schedule and other details.



may I have the link to your opensource module?

Is there a chance you have extended the HR, specially the Leave Allocation and the ability to take leaves as in hours or half hours etc? :slight_smile:

I didn’t see any hourly based leave but for that ERPnext is having timesheet, which also related with project.

Right, but we’d like to track not how many hours they’ve worked but how many hours they have not worked and get the reasons of why :slight_smile: