ERPNext Foundation, we have a CEO!

congratulations @rmehta, @JayRam! Looking forward to seeing more successes by ERP Next as a platform, due to this move!


Congrats @JayRam! :slight_smile: Congrats ERPNext Team, ERPNext Foundation! Excited to see how ERPNext is going to grow in the future! :heart:

Cheers! :wine_glass: :smile:


nice word … added to my vocabulary :slight_smile:
getting practical … I’d guess these are the points on your list (more or less)

  • draft bylaws
  • accept members (*1)
  • elect board of directors
  • confirm bylaws

what sequence do you have in mind
which platform (github i.e) do you suggest to oi out bylaws

I never came across your name in any of the preceding topics in regards to this if I am not mistaken, are you building on those? For example there was a tendency to use bylaws of the Linux Foundation or Open Stack as a template. What’s your preference/starting point for those?

(*1) I guess for all non Indian nationals a burning question is when they can gain membership as well. The announcements in that regard have not been very precise so far


Congrats @JayRam
Its been great to see the evolution of ERPNext and I feel like it’s just starting.


Congratulations, @JayRam! Good luck to you and all of us!

May I suggest you to establish some kind of informational resource for all us interested to make things clear:

  • why the foundation,
  • why is it important for ERPNext being open source,
  • what are its plans,
  • how and by whom is it established,
  • what are its connections to Frappe,
  • how to participate and so on.

I am sure Frappe team will provide all the support needed.

If it already exists - please provide a link.


I had a chat with @JayRam yesterday and our first target is to start memberships and setup the website. Jay will make a detailed proposal soon.

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@JayRam…congrats from the Netherland…Success…

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Don’t you need at least a (temporary) edition of bylaws which define types of membership first?

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I have been stuck with a customer situation for the last 2 days. I will get with Frappe and send some thoughts and plans early next week.




We have been associated with Jay Ram for our implementation and I must say Jay’s ability to understand business needs and putting it in perspective of ERP and his maturity to evolve & implement ERPNext in a practical, and simply put “useful” way is tremendous! All the best.

Congratulations for all the Team and @JayRam.
I find your work amasing and i’ll support you as much as possible :slight_smile:

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Behold the power. Congratulation!

Welcome back!

Were you on a sabbatical? Were you hibernating? :slight_smile:

Still good to have you back amongst us.