ERPNext for Hotel

Please i want to know if anyone has implemented ERPnext for a hotel.
My challenge is trying to set room sales, I have tried using items to setup rooms, tried using sales order to sale the room, but how do i set item to be date dependent to avoid booking the same room twice on a particular date

@benjamin6300 According to the documentation, ERPNext has Hospitality modules that includes hotel rooms so no need for you to use the items as rooms.

The modules must be hidden since you have set the domain for the company to something that doesn’t need the hospitality modules. Search for Hotel doctype in the doctypes list.

The domain is not working, but the doctype is still there

I have tried that. Did all necessary settings but during booking the rooms shows not available for all the dates. please can you help?

@benjamin6300 Which ERPNext version are you using?

@benjamin6300 As far as I learned about the Hospitality modules from checking the source code, here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Create the room types you want in Hotel Room Type doctype

  2. Create all the rooms in Hotel Room doctype and link each to a type from Hotel Room Type

  3. Create room packages in Hotel Room Package doctype and also link each to a type from Hotel Room Type. This will also create an Item that resembles the package for invoicing

  4. Create room pricings in Hotel Room Pricing doctype and link each pricing to an Item that was created earlier for room packages

  5. Finally, create reservations in Hotel Room Reservation doctype and again link each to an Item as done when creating the room pricings

There is a doctype called “Hotel Room Pricing Package” but I couldn’t figure out what it is used for.

I hope that I was helpful for you and that these steps resolve your problem.

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Try this. Or maybe contact the developer. Seems they have done some hotel installation. I had tested the app. Seems fine. Still more needed.