ERPNext for Dummies


I am a newbie and was wondering if there is a guide for dummies like me who:

  • don’t have resources to buy commercial services to implement ERPNext.
  • don’t have have coding skills.
  • have a spare blank server and want to install ERPNext on it.

I am not very good at coding but it can make sense to me so can please someone help me to start from a blank server and install ERPNext, beginning right from the installation of an OS on the server till using ERPNext.

I know this is huge to ask but maybe some of the pros in this forum can arrange links to some resources from where i can learn and do all this.

Thanking you all in advance.

Start from

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Has anyone created a dummy guide for ERPNext+Bench? Im new to ERPNext and Linux/Unix, this manual would really help a lot of new users.


You can check some of these links:
ERPNext User Manual:
Frappe Framework:

Hope this helps.