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ERPNext for Agriculture and ERPNext spatially enable


Hi Harold,

I know we don’t want a chain of “in my country we need this” posts, but for what it’s worth:

South Africa also has a large agricultural sector with exports being a huge business here. More and more big medium to large sized farming corporations are looking to continuously improve their operations, by employing industrial engineers and applying lean principles (borrowed mainly from the manufacturing industry). The obvious next step for these guys are proper ERP systems, and it’s starting to happen already.


Hey guys,
I don’t think targeting “smallholders” or “subsistence farmers” makes sense for ERPNext either, but I would say that the point-of-interest is probably at a lower dollars-of-gross-sales level or percent-mindshare than you might think: the smaller the business, the more responsibilities the proprietor has to be accountable for, often including responsibilities to the government that require at least nominal record keeping. This is certainly the case here in the US. Are they going to “find” ERPNext and meet their needs with it? Who knows. To a point that I made earlier, the things that I see farmers struggle with are the things that ERPNext has built in already, certainly the accounting module.
So who is the target farm for ERPNext? My instincts say that it starts to make sense in the 40+ FTE range, but possibly sooner, if the management regime likes technology and/or organizational infrastructure. That said, I’d welcome any user of ERPNext who can improve their business with it.


Hi @tmatteson
Sorry for the delayed response, was away for a bit.

We are into farming and have been practicing organic farming on a part of our 50 acres for a few years now (small area from the perspective of many countries but big in the Indian landscape). The model we are trying to work with is to produce as well as retail superior, trusted food, directly to the end customer. Our farm info is at

My belief is that recording of data and using it for decisions is beneficial to any farmer, big or small.

We also run a free farmer community online that goes by and I am sure the agri module from Erpnext will evoke huge interest from folks there.


Further to this: Compliance…
NL farmers need to record every gram of inputs (food,fertilizers) and
output (shit)…
Rose and vegetable farmers in Kenya very much the same for all kind of
standards require to export tp EU


very interesting…stick to standards instead of reinventing your own…


Yes, agree! much better to use international standars that create their own.


Hi, I have just join this community today. I am working with an organization which are into transforming lives of small dairy farmers. We are also looking for such kind of solution. We do have domain knowledge / requirement documents for such requirement.

Actually we have already developed one application and that is being deployed at farms across India.

We are open to help for domain knowledge.
Thank you


Hey @rajeshjadav what’s your telegram handle (direct message me if you prefer) so I can add you to the group. Our calls are typically 6PM IST on Fridays. I also have some dairy customers in the pipeline and would love to talk shop.