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ERPNext FinTS Connector (German Banks)



I’m happy to announce an ERPNext FinTS Connector to synchronize bank statements with ERPNext.

Current status: Testing / Proof of Concept
Next steps: Full-fill ToDo list

If you are interested please test it out and leave a comment :slight_smile:.
Contributions like ‘Issues’, ‘Feature Request’ and ‘Pull Requests’ are more the welcome.

German Chapter / DATEV Connector

is the limitation to “german banks” a technica onel (in the sense of german banks commonly using a certain system/api/… which non-german banks do not use)?


Yes, the app utilizes the API FinTS which is used by around 2000 German banks. But I think the process could be adapted for different API’s

European banks will be legislated to provide an online interface by mid 2019 but not restricted to one specific. (may only include web online banking)


great! thanks for clarifying

I guess that would be phase 2 then


FinTS Import scheduler now available in development branch.


FinTS Import scheduler and improvements on on master branch:

ERPNextFinTS now supports outgoing Payment Entries on the develop branch


Great Work!

Can you tell us a bit more about your concept and the intended workflow?
Do you make use of the available Bank reconciliation?
What would be the setup process?


This application is used to automatically import bank statements as “received” and “payed” Payment Entries with the original data from the bank. If possible the entries are matched and assigned to existing customers (by Name or IBAN) in ERPNext.
Afterwards this payment entries (status: Draft) can be linked to Sale/Purchase Invoices. For example with ERPNextSwiss “Match Payments” functionality.

Personally I do not grasp the purpose/simplification of the Bank Reconciliation functionality but I could be adapted from the Plaid Integration

Setup Process

  1. Find your german bank FinTS information (e.g.)
  2. Create a new “FinTS Login” in ERPNext with your information
  3. Create a new “FinTS Schedule” (daily, weekly, monthly import) or do it manually with a new “FinTS Import”
  4. Link the imported payment entries to your Sale/Purchase Invoices as you please

Each import creates a json file if it should be required to validate the import.

I hope i could answer your questions, feel free to ask more. Sorry for the late response I’m working on this on my free time.


Currently the app is not working. Hopefully the FinTS Library maintainers are able to solve it:

More Information: