ERPNext: Education Module + Student Login

I have a doubt!
I deployed the latest ERPNext Educational Module. From the dashboard, I added a student.
Now I want to give login access to the student to check his performance and attendance. How to do it? as am unable to find any way to do so.
In setup>user I added a user with student role (email id in user and student info is same) now being able to log in but can’t see any information.
Any help will be appreciated!

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Check Role Permission Manager to check what doctypes are accessible by a Role.

Hi , facing the same problem where after assigning student role to a user and enrolling student to program and course, the student user is not shown program and courses list after login.
Is this still a problem in version 13 beta , or I am missing some setup ?

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Student do not have access to the desk.
They only have access to the portal.

How do students access the portal? What is the default link?

The default link is your.erpnext.address/lms

Be sure that you have enabled the lms by going to Settings -> Education Settings and cheking the “Enable Learning Management System” box.