ERPNext Developer Training Jakarta 2018 -- Thank you for coming & picture update

Hello Community!

We are from Indonesian ERPNext community, would like to inform you that we will hold ERPNext Developer Training event by inviting Rushabh Mehta from Frappé Technologies (founder of ERPNext) and his team, This event will be held for three days.

The event is held on :
Date : January 18, 2018 - January 20, 2018
Time : 09.00 - 17.00 WIB
Venue : Lippo Mall Puri, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Trainer :

  • Rushabh Mehta and team

The training will be held in English.

We would like to invite ERPNext enthusiast, user, and developer for this technical and functional training. We also would like to invite current developer and user of ERPNext in the region for sharing their experience.

For registration and information, you can visit
and you can email us at

See you all in the event.

Antonius Tara and team

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@rmehta @JayRam @umair


Hey Community!

We have created an events page on facebook for the same, and will be actively tweeting about the event from today. Please to share these to actively keep promoting the event and the brand :wink:



done. thanks @kennethsequeira

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Hey All,

This is just a kindly reminder that our Developer training session will start next week on Wednesday 18 of January 2018.

For the people who are interested, please tag your date and we invite you to come for Training.
The training will be conducted in english, however if you need help in Indonesian Langguage there will be our Community and volunteers that will help you with the translation.

So please tag your date and we will see you there

Kind Regards,


@komsel2228, @tlie, @hokgt @rmehta


Hello, I am planning to join.

How do you suggest the attendee to prepare and for laptop environment prior to the training to get the most of the training? Is functional consultant good to join too?

Note: I am developer, with experience with Python/Odoo.

Also, I am not convenient with paypal now, can we just walk-in and pay at the event?

Thank you!

Dear ERPNext Enthusiasts,

This email is the FINAL reminder and there will be no more notice for ERPNext Developer Training in Jakarta as the event will be held in less than 7 days.

Early Bird Price Rp 1,350,000 (about USD 100) valid till Monday, 15 January 2018
Normal Price Rp 1,400,000 (starting Tuesday 16 January till 17 January 2018)

Walk-In Price Rp 1,500,000 (On the spot on any of the days 18,19,20)

This will be the first time Rushabh the founder & Saurabh the Developer will be available in Jakarta to share his knowledge and vision. Otherwise, you may have to go to India for the annual conference and will cost much more than the cost held in Jakarta.

You will learn about: Bench, App (Hooks, API, External Integration, Pages, Report), Role & Permission, Custom Workflow, User Testimonies.

Hurry! Book your place at

Kind Regards,

ERPNext Community in Indonesia


  • This event is strictly non-profit so the price that has been set is just to cover the cost of the speakers coming to Indonesia, for the lunch and coffee breaks.

  • The normal & walk-in price is not intended for profit, it is to finalise the number of registrations so committee could make the booking of tables & meals.

  • Excludes dinner and accomodation.

@kittiu as my general message come at about the same time as your message, just telling you that the above reminder is intended mostly for the locals who have made the booking but not the registration / payment :slight_smile:

so please wait for @tara_antonius to reply your inquiry. People from outside Indonesia are welcome too.

what if someone out of jakarta wants to join the session?

or if you can record the session and share it over the web for other beginner developers to get benefit out of it?


Hello @adnan

Sure it’s open and it’ll be held in English.

Yes, even though there will be no live streaming, it will be recorded and links willl be posted after the event.


Thanks Tlie. will wait for the recordings. i wish i could join it live at-least.

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Big thanks to Jakarta Chapter for organizing a wonderful event. Beside the knowledge we have got, also friendships from all Indonesians pals.

Wish you guys strong community and may the FOSS be with you!


Many Thanks for all the friends and participants who joined the training in Jakarta. Honestly i was surprised to found that there are 30+ people attended the Training event. This is also means that ERPnext has also a growing user base and interest in the South East Asia region. Many thanks for Rushabh Meta and Saurabh Palande from the frappe team that provide us with their time and expertise to train us in Jakarta. We hope to see you soon and hope to be a good time to start a great community in Jakarta.

For people attending this is the group picture for the training event:

@tlie @rmehta, @kittiu, @hokgt @bobzz_zone @saurabh6790 @rahy @komsel2228 @hendrik_zeta