ERPNext Conference 2018 Venue

Hello everyone,

This year’s annual conference will be in Mumbai :loudspeaker: .

Last year the conference was organized in the Mysore Association Auditorium in Matunga,Mumbai.

Some of the participants have given feedback that the conference can be organized in a better place.

All four annual conferences have been organized in the same place, so maybe its time to explore new places. :slight_smile:

We can choose a business hotel to host the conference this year and ticket price will be slightly higher (last year the ticket rate was $50).

Please share your thoughts on this.

Update: feedback from one of the participants about Mysore Association Auditorium.

  • Seats are old and uncomfortable. Leg room was really tight. It felt like it was better for a 2 hour movie or dance performance and not a 7-8 hour conference.
  • No desks or tables for laptops or note taking. No power for laptops.
  • Sound and visuals were barely OK. Because we were there in person, we could understand what was happening. But the livestream was probably thought to understand. I think that a multi-camera setup would be a big benefit to the livestream. I strongly recommend spending some money to hire an audio company to make sure that the sounds system works with no problems.
  • No water allowed in the theater. Most of the conferences the I have been to, have coffee, tea and cold water available at the back of the room. It gives me a chance to get up and walk a bit during transitions in the conference and helps me to stay hydrated during a long trip.
  • Meals were all “stand-up”. There wasn’t a chance to sit down to a table of strangers and get to really know them. As an idea, if you set up tables with topics of discussion like “API”, or “Leave Approval”, or any of the other hot topics on the discussion board, it would give people a chance to kick start a conversation.
  • In short, it doesn’t have to be held at a fancy 5 star resort. But a desk to work on, a little bit of leg room, and a bottle of water would be welcome upgrades.


Depending on the number of people who will visit.

91Springboard - Free for 100 people.
IIT Bombay - Free for upto 500 people.

Otherwise I can talk to a few of my references in some five star hotels to find out options.

Let me know what the total budget is and what is number of people we are potentially anticipating.

Thank You,
Vimal Tank


Let me know what the total budget is and what is number of people we are potentially anticipating.

I think we can expect in the range of 150 to 200 people.

Depending on the cost of venue we can decide the ticket price.


If IIT Mumbai in Powai suits you all and if IIT Mumbai accepts us, then the venue comes for no cost.

Recently Wordpress Camp Mumbai was also organized there, it appears to be a decent place to organize such an event.

Do you know how to apply for IIT?

Yes, If you would like, I can initiate a conversation with them, I will need tentative dates and what all things would you need at the venue.


I think we can organize the conference on October 26th and 27th.

We will need…

  • Audiovisual system
  • Hall with AC which can accommodate 150 to 200 people
  • Separate hall for lunch
  • Space for stalls