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ERPNext app is not available at iOS Playstore


Hi everyone, we found out that ERPNext app isn’t available at iOS Playstore.

Can't find the ERPNext on iTunes store

Yeah… that is probably a ‘good’ thing.

The app (for Anrdoid) is way behind the current releases and has not been updated in over a year. Since Apple makes developers jump through some complicated hoops before they allow your app to be in the store, you will likely never find one for iOS. I mean, the developers don’t even properly support their own recent linux based releases with pro-active fixes so I doubt they would take the time to play nice with the Apple regulators just to be included in their overpriced store.

You can still try using ERPNext in a browser on your iOS device, but my experience with that has been a hit-or-miss kind of thing. Browsers for iOS only work well in some newer versions and not so well if your device is over a year or two old.

Your mileage may vary… :grin:

The bottom line is even the android app itself is not well maintained and you should probably NOT depend on it for your business needs. I have deployed many, many Andriod tablets for ERPNext using both the chrome browser and Firefox. As long as you have large high resolution screens, it works quite well.