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ERP V11.1.4 how to fix Expense Approver / Expense Claim

  1. Expense Approver not working in Expense Claim.
  2. Employee And employee Structure assignment not working well
  3. Loan management not working
  4. User permissions now more difficult
  5. I can’t even import or export in this new Version

Please what do you suggest??


Been using v11 myself, It’s just fine. all that you listed is working for me.
Liked the Loan feature where now a member of non profit can apply for a loan, in v10 only an employee could apply for a loan.
for expense approver it has changed a bit, try going through this topic

perhaps you could add more details about yours issues. any error logs?


Thanks for the response @deatram. I will go thru my application again.


@deatram Please are you able to restrict user view in ‘sales payment summary’? I expect to see just the sales payment summary of the user account i logged in with, but yet, that of every other user shows up… Please help out…