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Entering support ticket automatically from e-mail



I was looking this feature but I could not find it.

I found that ERPNext already comes with a ticketting system, however, I have seen that the ticket should be entered manually.

Is there a way ERPNext to be monitoring an e-mail mailbox and if found something it converts that e-mail as a support ticket? if that feature does not exist already, it would be interesting you consider adding it.

Best regards


Hi @Jaime_Stuardo
You can append emails coming in to a particular email address like as an Issue in ERPNext. You can configure this by going to the Setup>Email Account>Support
You may refer to this documentation and video for your reference
This video explains the use case of appending Emails as Lead but the concept remains same for Issue/Ticketing



I have set it, however, SMTP does not seems to work since inbox appears empty.

SMTP information is correct because account can be saved. If, for example, I entered a wrong password, when saving the account, an authentication error is produced.

Is there a way to test SMTP connection from ERPNext?

Best regards