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[Enhancement Proposal] Complete POS redesign with full size browser DB


This sounds perfect to me. As initially we planned the same thing but it was too much for us to handle with the given time constrain.

We would love to know the details about online POS enhancement if there is any. So we can work around it.


I would like to know if the frappe team will resolve any of the mentioned problem in the first post. So we can work on the remaining ones.

Also I would request you to share the things which are under process on the POS UI side, If you need our developer to work along with the frappe team then it will help us all and save time.


Hi @rmehta, if you are looking into ERP-ERP synch you could take a look at SymmetricDS

We are using it for other projects and it works extremely well for multiple site synch



Hi @rmehta , trust you’re doing well. It would really help to get just a line or two from you in response to our queries so we can align our efforts appropriately

There’s a lot of interest here and we’d like to channel that energy in the most effective way possible

Many thanks


@wale At this point we are not sure how we are going to execute this, so its too early to say what shape it will take.

If you need guarantees, there is always


Okay… well understood. Do let us know when the direction is clearer



So as per Mr. RMehta, We have to wait for the Offline DB architecture to be designed.

But currently we’re facing issues with item batch sales and Item UOM sales so we plan to start the customization asap. The point we will be looking into is

  1. Refactor the Whole Item Cart Area.
    Use Case:
    If item code and batch and uom is same then same line increase quality.
    Else if item code is same but batch is diff and uom is same then new line
    Else if item code is same but uom is diff then new line.
    Else item code is diff then new line.

  2. Display Item Code, Item name, UOM , batch Fields in the Item Cart Area for users to change batch, uom or qty if needed.

  3. If Batch Stock is less than the batch qty in the Item cart area then notify on Pay button. So the invoice does not get stuck in the pos.

  4. Update Item stock on every invoice submitted to see and maintain the correct inventory in the offline POS View. Sync only those items sold in the invoice

  5. Making 2 Buttons on Payment screen ‘Submit’ and ‘Submit & Print’ So no need for user to have multiple Clicks. Also make it easier for selecting amount in the MOP input Field.

  6. Adding more keyboard Shortcuts.

  7. Shift/Day Closing to have Accounting Entry for Cash sales.
    When the day closing is submitted it will make a journal entry for Sales cash credit to Cash Debit.

Those who are interested in these changes can contact me.


Big news! can’t wait!


By the way it will be good to have some user or user profile to behave offline and others online, instead of setting the offline mode under setting we could set this per user or user profile…

In my case we have some modifications that only works in online POS