Enhancement proposal: Advance Payments

Hello team,

At “Payment Reconciliaton”, in “Unreconciled Payment Details” table are also fetched Journal Entries, not only Payment Entries.

At Sales or Purchase Invoice, in “Sales Invoice Advance” or “Purchase Invoice Advance” tables should also be fetched Journal Entries, unless there would be any reason to not to.

The only way to reconcile Journal Entries to Invoices, is using “Payment Reconciliaton” tool.

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I see what’s going on…
I just made some tests at https://manufacturing.erpnext.com/ Please follow…

Used the Sales Order https://manufacturing.erpnext.com/desk#Form/Sales%20Order/SAL-ORD-2020-00113

Created 4 Journal Entries https://manufacturing.erpnext.com/desk#List/Journal%20Entry/List?party=Aaa%20Companu. 3 of them (14, 15 and 16 folios) are referenced to the Sales Order, but only 15 and 16 were checked as “Is Advance : Yes”.

You also can see those 3 referenced at the Dashboard.

And also created a Payment Entry but unallocated to any document https://manufacturing.erpnext.com/desk#Form/Payment%20Entry/ACC-PAY-2020-00015

When the Sales Invoice is created from the Sales Order and clicked on “Get Advances Received”, you’ll find it will only fetch the Journal Entries 15 and 16 that were checked as “Is Advance : Yes” and the Payment Entry even if it was unallocated.

It should also fetch the Journal Entry 14, it’s referenced to Sales Order even it wasn’t checked as an advance.

Also should be fetched in the table the Journal 13, is unallocated just like the Payment Entry, what if is needed to allocate to the Sales Invoice?

As I said before, then the only way to reconcile Journal Entries to Invoices, is using “Payment Reconciliaton” tool. I dont’ think it as a bug, but as an enhacement.

Any comments would be really appreciate.

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