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[Enhancement Proposal] Add Functions to Item Cart Area in Existing Offline POS

These points are completed and put to test on 2 clients outlets.

Shortcut buttons
Pay Button = “F9”
Submit & Print = “Ctrl + P”
Submit as usual “Ctrl + S”
New = “Ctrl + B”


Hi @olamide_shodunke

Any feedback?

Kind regards,

Hi @rmehta

Trust you’re doing great. Since we’re almost at the end of September, I thought to find out if there’s any update along these lines


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This is already in production with 3 of our clients who needed above features in POS.

If you’re looking for any specific functions feedback then feel free to ask me.


Is there a link to your repo we can look at?

Hi all,

What if more than 100 batches for same item then how we can select or click???
or can we select, scan or type in batch field ??

Yes Here

We use Batch Number as the printed Barcode. So Counter Sales person just have to scan it in the POS and it will add the correct batch to the Item Cart. We have some testing videos but I need to check look for it.

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Hi @rmehta

Should we take this to mean you’re reconsidering the offline POS approach? It’ll be good to know what the team is thinking in terms of POS so we can align our efforts accordingly



Which approach are we taking regarding this, are we still on syncing instances or offline POS? :smiley: almost happy new year by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to add a couple of points to this discussion as a user.

  1. Ability to scan barcode through the device camera (if Available)
  2. Option to hide item images in the POS (reduces the load on the Mobile device and saves data)

Hope this helps others too!


We have achieved most of the features we set out to do in our app. From this post we understand that the biggest issue of missing invoices in offline mode has be almost resolved. Recently some codes were re-written which seems to have fixed this.

There are many more features to be added like replacement of Item Pictures section, Loyalty points redemption. price check, VFD integration, 2nd screen, Promotions, Product Bundles etc. Lastly redesigning the UI with colours to make it easier for users to touch the right button based on color rather than reading the tab name

I am aware some of the members have achieved quiet many of these features but are not willing to open their codes for others to develop on it. We could have done the same but we believe in the essence of open source project hence all out repo are open for anyone to use and build upon it.

We would be happy to add more features if the community folks can support financially. Till now I have been funding development cost from my company resources. PM me if anyone is interested in financially supporting development of the features.

The estimated cost is about USD 2500-3000 in about 2 months time frame.


Good Job @Muzzy

The PoS Bahrain project makes the PoS module quite more useable.

I have sent you a PM via WhatsApp


Our app is open for the core team to get the codes and add it to the core. Thats the goal for us but it all depends on the community how much they can push the core team to update the offline pos.

I am aware that a local db approach was proposed and then there is no update about it so until they is ready we should get these changes in the core. Atleast those which are universal.

Currently added display change amount after submitting and printing the invoice so users can see the change amount at the time the cash drawer opens.

Also new changes to purchase order to fetch all the items of the selected supplier so users can just keep the ones they want to order submit the po instead of entering items one by one.
Quite handy for making po’s regularly.

Next we need to increase the size of the item cart so users don’t have to scroll to see items and also add shortcuts to change item quantity.

We hope we get support from the community.



Hi @eagoweb

The Frappe Team is pretty much done with developing the 1st release of the syncing feature (aka Events Streaming). It ships with V13… No official release date yet though



You know this how ??

Hi @olamide_shodunke


Thanks but is there any timeline for this?

From the current status of V12 i dont think V13 will be released anytime soon. So its a long wait.
We can see if we can backport it if its stable enough.


Thanks @wale

If this is going to be released to v13, this will definitely make me skip v12 and go straight to v13.

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Here’s the initial design of POS. I have looked at many different POS to make sure all required buttons are easily available to the cashier. Not sure if I have missed out anything. The layout was made on Excel hence looks crude. Am sure any good UI developer would be able to improve it.

Along with text we icons would be added to make it for users. Somewhat similar to this


Do let me know if any button is missing here. On the coding side we would try to keep it fluid so that when V13 is released we can quickly customized it for that version. Till then we would continue to work on developing for V11 only.

Also if any community member who is good with UI can reach out to me to lend support in achieving the design.

Feel fee to post your feedback.