Emails queued but not sent

Hi all,

we have a strange effect in one tenant of a multitenant installation: when emails are sent, they get to the Email Queue, but are not forwarded to the SMTP server. If the Email Queue entry is opened and the function send now is clicked, the mail is sent perfectly (and correctly marked as sent, and received)

It seems like the queue is not worked through. The other systems in the same mutlitenant setup send out mails without any issues.

The system is on

ERPNext: v10.0.5 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.0.6 (master)

Is there a specific queue configuration that we are missing?

In the System Setting (under Setup), ensure that field “Enable Scheduled Jobs” is checked.

Hi @umair,

many thanks for your quick response… However, I seem to be unable to find “Enable Scheduled Jobs”:

Am I looking in the wrong place?

Hi @umair,

thanks for pointing me in the right direction :wink: I got it now.


$ bench doctor
-----Checking scheduler status-----
Scheduler disabled for
Workers online: 3
-----None Jobs-----

revealed that for the one site, the scheduler was (for whatever reason) disabled. Using

$ bench --site enable-scheduler

has enabled the scheduler and now the queue is sent. A useful resource is Unable To Run Scheduled Tasks