Email does not work when using Bitnami

I launched ERPNext using Bitnami and the Google Cloud Services. Sadly after days of troubleshooting and reading logs I can’t seem to find out why email doesn’t work.

When a new user signs up on the public website they get a email confirming their account.

That said, no emails work from the desk itself. I’ve configured the email in the desk settings and the site config file like Bitnami explains on their website and still have nothing. I’ve tried Google and Outlook as email settings and verified their settings.

Nothing seems to work. The communications get added correctly, but the email does not get added the scheduler log.

When trying to email to a “Contact” via the dropdown menu in the top right I get this message. “Email could not be sent to You

The error logs supported by Bitnami don’t seem to give me any relevant information that I am looking for. Has anyone else had the same experience? Any ideas?

@jakzodiac it seems like the scheduler is broken.

Can you run bench doctor from the frappe-bench folder and share the output?

Btw, ERPNext is pretty easy to install via the bench script

Bitnami seems to have configured things in a really weird way. Doctor doesn’t work, Any call to bench calls for the github files and then can’t install because of the ways things were configured.

I ended up deleting the Bitnami setup and launching a new instance using the easy method mentioned on the frappe bench github page. The email is a bit sketchy setting up. I’ll add my notes later as I figure out more but a good example of what I mean is that the default outgoing email won’t work if the auto reply is turned on and the email is setup through GMail.

Weird eh?

Anyway, great app! I’ll continue to tinker away. If I were the developers of ERPNext though, I’d double check on things for the Bitnami version. It seems broken and a bad introduction to ERPNext.


Sad to hear you had an issue.

Did you try a different SMTP servers ? I had luck with gmail (tls connection instead of ssl) via bitnami setup. Company mail did not work and nothing appeared in the logs.

I am a HR guy and not an expert in IT. The easiest way I could setup Erpnext via ubuntu server with the installation .sh file. (believe me I tried monstrous amounts of ways to install and manage the Erpnext)

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