Email delay on Sales Orders and Purchase Orders


In Version 8 sending email from Purchase Orders and Sales Orders now appear to go into the email queue, which gets processed by workers every N minutes.

This is a big set back. PO’s are often very time sensitive, and a purchaser will sometimes be on the phone to a supplier and say: “I just sent you the PO, can you check your email and confirm all is in good order?”.

With the queue in place, the delay makes this not work. I understand the queue has great value for bulk email, but for PO’s, Sales Orders, Quotes, it just does not make sense.

As a temporary workaround, how can I make the queue worker frequency more aggressive? This has been requested in the past, but there was no follow up.


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Would you mind creating a github issue for the same.

My pleasure @ArundhatiS

Here’s the new github issue:

I updated the github issue with some new details today. I’m still seeing delays when sending Purchase Orders from ERPNext.

See for my most recent update. I’m hoping someone will reopen that issue.