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Email Campaign for Leads

Hello All,
I was exploring the Email Campaign feature.
From what I understand, I have to manually create an Email Campaign for each Lead.
Is there a way to automate this on creation of a Lead?
Because if an organisation gets a lot of leads everyday, it would be tedious to create an Email Campaign manually for all the leads.

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On getting an enquiry (RFQ) received by email, Can we integrate this email to automatically create a record in erpnext as a lead. or just drag and drop the email to lead.
i think Manan asking the same too. otherwise can someone help answering both these queries, please.


I also found very difficult to create manually email campaign to each contact/lead. If we have 100 contacts/leads and want to create same email campaign linked to same campaign and template, then creating email campaign to each contact/lead is huge manual task.
Please someone suggest

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I was just about to post a question regarding the same thing.

  • Why have a campaign for one person? So much work to reach one person, just write an email to them.
  • Why have an erpnext style campaign (no non-internet based marketing info captured and no project integration) and an erpnext style newsletter? The newsletter seems to be just a bulk email sender with no links to campaigns.
  • Why cripple the newsletter function by not allowing this as part of the CRM campaign?
  • Why have only email templates as part of the campaign schedule? Marketing campaigns usually have multiple “tasks” to complete in a marketing schedule: define goals, targets and release dates, decide on media, organise/produce text copy, organise graphic design, proof reading, etc, etc, etc

Maybe I’ve missed something? I only raise these questions as someone who is running a really small operation - me - trying to use erpnext as my main tool for production, sales, marketing and order tracking, not accounts. The questions are more a pointer to the features I would like to see in erpnext and a way of organising my thoughts for an actual “feature request”.

any progress on this? using newsletter for now.