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Email Alert for on time


Actually i want to send Email to supplier before a day of required date and on particular time like (10:30 AM) and also it should check
if 1 day before required date should not be Sunday . if it is Sunday then the mail Alert should be send on Saturday



Good Day

To add to this, does ERPNext have any function to mail orders, delivery notes, invoices to customers automatically when submitted?

Thank You

Albertus Geyser


Yes you can use email alert for this.
You will have to write a script for your condition. This can raise an email to the contact person mentioned in that document and you can also add the owner for example purchase manager etc to know that email was sent.

Check it under setup> email alert
Add new and select the document to be used.
And write the condition script


Yes you can also use email alert under setup select the document and use the default script or write a custom one of you have certain condition like the above one for Sunday to be skipped.
Select trigger email on submition.


Mr.fkardame actually the trigger is one day before