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Elegant Theme for Frappe/ERPNext v13-beta

Checkout my new theme for version-13-beta. I was waiting for v13 stable to come out, but then thought some like me will have sites running on v13-beta and this might help to splash some colour on the already awesome ERPNext. Download from here.


Looks great!

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is it possible to use it for V12?

i havent tried this theme on v12 yet. You can use the below one for v12,

Flat UI Theme for ERPNext v12 - Developers / Customization - Discuss Frappe/ERPNext

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Tested on my V13 server and it work peferctly.
great job!

Could we change the size/resolution of the logo?

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Add the below to the app’s css/redtheme_app.css and replace 150px with your logo width.

.app-logo {
width:150px !important;

will check on this if I can install it on our ERPNext. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Sorry but, no idea what’s going wrong. Could you try on a fresh install?


--drop column from sql
ALTER TABLE `tabModule Def` DROP COLUMN `custom`;

Hi @hashir - Great theme!! However, my site doesn’t seem to have picked all elements as seen on your screenshot. What might be the issue?

Hi @mikemayaka

Your version of ERPNext is version 13… This theme is made and fully compatible for version 13-beta only…

For version 13, you may use the below theme, but it doesn’t change much things around. You can customize colors from its css though…

Classic theme for Frappe/ERPNext v13

Thanks @Suresh_Thakor. That error has been resolved. But now there is a new error as below:

Installing redtheme_v13b...
An error occurred while installing redtheme_v13b:
Module import failed for Video Settings (erpnext.utilities.doctype.video_settings.video_settings Error: No module named 'erpnext.utilities.doctype.video_settings')

Theme has been applied, though there was an error as shown above.

remove completely then reinstall it.