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Education Module Missing.!


I cant find Education Module when i Installed and setup my ERPNext.
When I entered the desk I got this screen and couldnt find the education module.
Please can someone help.


Hello @Pratik_Vaity,
Did you choose the Education domain in your first install?


Hii I found the Education Domain.
Can you tell me why I am not getting the GUI that everyone gets when they finish the startup wizard.
This One…


In Domain settings you have to choose Education. Else check your user permissions.

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Yes I have done that.
The only problem is I am not getting this interface.



I believe that only happens when you are using the Startup Wizard. If you enabled the Education module manually, you have manually modify the config for the interface.


Can you please elaborate. I did not understand.


You enabled the Education module using the Domain settings, right? If so, you have manually config the icons that will be shown in the Desktop.


Ohkk I have heard the IOS interface has be deprecated and We have a new view. Is is true?


If you are on the develop branch, the UI interface will be different.


Ohkk. I dont seem to understand the difference in Production install and develop install.


I believe you understand the difference but you might be missing this. The idea is that by default production install uses the master branch while the develop install uses the develop branch. You may want to change the branch in installing your develop. You can do so by using additional parameters like --frappe-branch master.

Just view the source codes for the reference.