Education Module: can't create assessment group because of parent assessment group

Good day everyone, anyone here using Education module? here is my scenario I tried to create an assessment group under Education module. but I can’t create one due to parent assessment group, when I tried to create a parent assessment group it shows the same form in assessment group, so I think this is impossible to create, I check the Doctype for Assessment Group then the Parent Assessment Group field is link to the Assessment Group. so it means need to create assessment group before I can create a parent that looks strange.

Hi there,

In all Frappe tree structures, there’s a default root node, usually called “All …”. For your first nodes, you should set the Parent Assessment Group to “All Assessment Groups”.

Hi brother, can you show how to set up this one ? I’m new in frappe and I check this node but I don’t know how to set. thanks. I am not spoon feeding but to be honest I dont know how.