Earned leaves not working on v13

hello community ,
I recently upgraded to v13 . and I wanted to allocate some earned leaves , as you know it should allocate 0 leaves at the beginning and start adding leaves every month . that worked fine in v 12 . but the same steps is not working for me in v 13 . the program allocate all the leaves at the beginning . (for example if the allocation type has 24 days the program assign all of them at the beginning ) . anyone faced the same issue ?

As far as I know, it works like that way only. When you allocate some leaves, immediately it gets reflected in the leave balance. If it is carry forward type then it get carry forarded in next calendar year.

@pioneerpathan thnks for your reply . I m not doing any forwarded leaves . I m jusr working on 2022 . I want leaves to be earned every month .