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Earlier member loan repayment


Hello all.
A member received a loan and a repayment schedule is generated.
at the end of the month, 30th of every month a loan is repaid by a certain amount, I make Repayment Entry. This is good.
But in some cases a member decides to repay the loan earlier before end of the month let’s say on 15th of the month.
How can I handle such scenario?
how can I make Repayment Entry for earlier repayments before the actual date as showed in the repayment schedule?

I’m using
Installed Apps
ERPNext: v11.1.4 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.4 (master)



what’s a “member”? an Employee?


No, not an employee. A loan is applied against a member. It is a member of a Non Profit Organization(SACCOS).

Actually I just found this feature for applicant type:member in v11. wasn’t there in v10


help anyone,
is there any way I can achieve this?


Still looking for a way to achieve this