E-mal invoice form with in ERPNext?

I am looking to be abler to send my invoices form with in ERPNext in order to save the time of saving a PDF copy and sending it from my email software.

1 - can this be automated? Meaning, as soon as the invoices is created and we authorize it, the email is sent? Or, can the system to set up to do mailing is prepared and authorized invoices 1,2 or more times a day?

2 - even if it can not be automated, is there a way to email the invoice in PDF format from with in ERPNext? Is there a way to write a pre-made message that can automatically be put in this email to be sent(a;lllowing for modifications to the text where needed)? Being that I live in a place where 2 languages are spoken, can the text be chosen based on the clients languages preference?


Surely, no issues.

Can you please elaborate?

Not quite sure I see what you mean.


Hi @smokinjo

Please see this, you will get clear idea here.


  1. You can set dynamic subject
  2. You can trigger this notification on different event like (New, Submit, Change etc)
  3. You can select doctype on which you want to trigger this notification
  4. You can put condition too.
  5. You can set your custom email template with passing dynamic variables too
  6. You can set to, cc, bcc as well from this
  7. In bottom you can fine Print setting from where you can set pdf template which will be sent over mail on notification trigger.