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Dual Unit of Measure is needed!


Hi everybody , I wonder if ERPNext can support dual UOM for an item. this is often needed when measuring for example: liquids in liters or bottles (each) , also in steel manufacturing where we can sell a bundle or tons …many other examples.


Does the inbuilt UoM conversion not work for you ?


I agree, some businesses require 2 units of measure, and you cannot solve with just conversions. I’ve often seen this where the customer keeps track of “Containers”, or uses Catch Weight.

Here is an article that describes Catch Weight. TL;DR - You need to track quantity of Turkeys (each) and weight of Turkeys (pounds, kilos).

You can sometimes solve this with Lot Numbering/Batch Numbering. But sometimes you cannot, and you need 2 units of measure. 1 for mass/weight. 1 for container/box.


Hi, unfortunately the unit conversion does not help in this case. Because as example the steel rebar bundles do not have the same weight. Selling takes place on weight basis but warehouse management considers bundles with an average weight of 2 tons per bundle. The same concept goes also for liquids, bottles and liters.


Same concept for tubulars. Valuation/billing is done by length but for warehouse management, number of units of a nominal length is tracked.


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