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Dropping python 3.7 support for next version of Frappe/ERPNext

This is just a heads-up that we have dropped support for python versions up to 3.7 for the next release.

  • If you’re on version-13 this doesn’t affect you yet.
  • If you’re an app developer, you probably need to bump the python version to 3.8 or higher in any automated test suites you’re running.
  • If you self-host/manage infra, you need to upgrade the python version to Python 3.8/3.9 whenever you plan to upgrade to the next major release (v14)

Reason for dropping: 3.7 will become EOL during the lifetime of the next major release.


Some quality of life questions around this:

  • What is the recommended version for V13 (today)?
  • What version do you anticipate developing against for V14?

As an anecdote I have found V13 install are easier using 3.8 than 3.6

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  • What is the recommended version for V13 (today)?

3.7 / 3.8 are recommended and most tested versions. 3.6 is EOL.

  • What version do you anticipate developing against for V14?

3.8 / 3.9


When exactly is version 14 of ERPNext going to be released? Are there any specific dates.

I am asking this because I am going to start work on a project in a few days. If version 14 is around the corner then I think it would be prudent to wait for this new release.

As a rule of thumb, I would suggest you don’t hold your breathe on new release being stable in the first few months at least. Version 13 spent nearly a year in beta and still had bugs on full release so it’s best you start your development in v13.