Download/ Upload functionality of customise form


I am trying to customise my sales order form (Hiding fields and assigning permissions etc.)
I am downloading the form, making my changes, saving them and then uploading them (in csv format)
The changes are showing up in the application but when I click update they disappear, not sure why this is happening.
Can anyone point me to the right way to do this.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Nitin Agarwal

Hello Nitin,

May I know which form/template are you using to download and upload functionalities of Customize Form? For now, please make changes from Customize Form directly.

Hi Umair,

Thanks for your reply, Please refer the below screen shot:

And the csv file I am modifying:


I was trying to update fields Perm Level using upload feature but somehow it’s Perm Level for fields are not getting updated via upload feature.

Is there a bug in upload feature?

Any updates?

Can you please create a Github Issue for this issue?

Done. Find below link for the same.

@jparikh tried what you said but still not able to update the filed from bulk edit in customize form.

@Vijay_Kalathiya Code has been updated in develop branch. This has not been merged to master branch yet. You can find merged pull request in develop to get latest code.
[fix] upload for customize form #4397

@jparikh I have manually changed file from the git (develop branch) but still not able to do.

@Vijay_Kalathiya Use recent link provided to get latest code which is working.

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@jparikh thank you for answer. I’ll try and get back to you


after uploading file, (Test) field shows in list

but when click on Update Button, it will remove

I made changes in file that are shown in the links but no change…???

found solution,
set is_custom_field in download file with 1 and upload the file.