Double book accounting

Hi there! I’m in the need to setup a “double book accounting” system. Understanding double accounting in the meanings of one book with all the information, and another book with somewhat of the information.

Disclaimer: yes is legal in my country and for my business branch not to pay taxes for some specific services.

What I want is one book “A”, with info and propper taxes. And, another book “B” with the same info plus all the “un-taxable” works. this is so I can have a good control of my business projections and stuff, and at the same time use erp next for the fisco control.

Also would be awesome to be able to filter what users are able to see which book.

can you guys help me in the right direction to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @David_Zelada_Alfaro,

I think ‘Finance Book’ feature in ERPNext will serve as a starting point for your query.

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Hi ,

In order to define the architecture of your erpnext implementation , You will need to answer few obvious questions

1 Do you share employees and their salaries and payouts across both businesses ?

2 Do you share customers and suppliers across both businesses ?

3 Does your both businesses provide same services / products or they are different products and services


few more questions:

  1. Do you maintain book wise P&L ?
  2. Do you do inter book stock transfer?
  3. Do you maintain book wise Balance Sheet?
  4. Do you do inter book financial transactions?
  5. Do you maintain book wise warehouse?

Thanks for answering!
1.- Its just a single business, but I require two accounting systems, so yes
2.- since its a single business, yes
3.- since its a single business, yes

An ideal solution would be to be able to register entries then select if I want it on accounting system 1 and 2, or only on 1.
Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

1- yes
2- Its a service so, no
3.- yes
4- yes
5- Its a service single location business so nope

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Hi ,

accounting entries can be booked in two different books , however it must be based on definite rules and cant be decided on the go , irrespective of erpnext implementation , from a system process perspective also it becomes dependancy on individuals which is not desirable

please give me few scenarios and decision making process and i may attempt to define rules (implementable in erpnext)


I guess, the requirement is to maintain book-wise financial statements which is quite similar to branch accounting.
Booking accounting entries in two different books will not suffice business requirements.