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Does any one use GSuite with ERPNext?


I would like to know , if any one use G suit with ERP next?

If so, What is your experience.

For me honestly. it is a terrible feeling.
ERP next pull some email from gmail server, after some times it fail. then when the next time it pull emails with missing emails mean some emails did not pull.
This happen all the day time to time. another thing I have notice is it did not show tables properly. Some times those table data showing is terrible.
If we run CRM like this, it is a mess.

Any idea?


We are using G-Suite without much problems, maybe your configuration needs to be reviewed.


We are using gsuite. The configuration and pulling email is fine. But the formatting of the mails is horrible. The mail looks entirely different on erpnext .


Any hints?

May be I did wrong in some where.


Is there any solution to that?


I think is something that happens after you get an error from connection to G Suite email server
You are not the first to have an issue with G Suite emails.

TL;DR: Google limits, requests, outgoing and incoming emails.

Maybe this can help you to understand, check also related articles on this page:


May be, gmail was down?

“The configuration was incorrectly applied …”


It happens every day time to time.
Server will not pull the emails from gmail server

once it pull, it leaves some mails in gmail server. So basically it pull emails partially.

So I can see some emails in CRM but some doesn’t.

It is very terrible when we follow up email from ERP next CRM.


Any one have any idea?