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Documentation, Commit


I made changes to the documentation here:

But it doesnt show up here:

It looks like I have comitted it. What am I doing wrong? Previously I was doing PR. But I was given access to comitt directly. Thanks for your help.

Hi Not_a_countant

Your changes did roll out to prod it appears… after your commit perhaps some other (manual or batch?) process occurs before they land on the website.

Myself I can’t find the whereabouts of the current API doc references for erpnext and frappe that apparently have moved - these example ‘old’ links are now 404 not found:

rmehta notes here this Link Not Found - Can any one tell me where can i find docs of erpnext

Near as I can tell this is the general repos for docs

My question where is the base url now, that used to be here

Pointers to clarify this would be most welcome!