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Document and Archiving System


Hi all ,
i want to know if any of you worked on Document management system or Archiving System on ERPNext
thank you in advance :slight_smile:


I guess you would already have looked at the File Manager?


thanks for your answer
but File manager is one component of what i need
i`m talking about process and document workflow


I’m actually very interested in this. If anyone starts this, I would be happy to help the project where I can.


Does Version DocType help?
Track Changes Feature does archiving of data.


Wow. Call me blind, but I never noticed that.


I’m very interested also! File Manager has its strengths for to capture and provide access to files within a file system, but like @MiM I am equally interested in process that will identify the source of a document, updates made over time, and if the document has been e.g. officially approved for use, or a draft for review. Simply identifying that a particular file (Word doc, PDF, mechanical CAD drawing, etc.) has been updated with a new file is sufficient for my needs, I don’t need to provide visibility of changes within a document (not that I wouldn’t like visibility within a document, but I’m willing to do without to simplify the solution).

My motivation is primarily engineering design support (e.g. PDM, PLM, ECO, Change Management, etc.) but also supply chain control (purchase specifications), project management (e.g. project charters and support docs), as well as issue management and general business process (e.g. ISO-9001).

I’d be happy to join my efforts with others on this, a sort of PDM/PLM working committee.