Doctype label still visible in custom app after deleting

Just like the topic indicates, I recently deleted a doctype on a custom app on frappe from “Doctype List”, after which I manually deleted the folder, cleared cache and did a “bench update” (which I believe also runs a bench migrate)… but the doctype link is still visible in the app section, but when clicked gives a “No such file or directory error”. Please how do I get rid of this?


check this file apps/app_name/app_name/config/

Hi @netchampfaris thanks for the reply and sorry for the late feedback, the file you mentioned has just one function “get_data()” that returns a list containing just one dict with “module_name”, “color”,“icon”…, but nothing related to the doctype link, I’ll appreciate any other suggestion.

Have you checked under Set Desktop Icons in the menu?

@netchampfaris thanks for your help… sorry it took this long to reply. I’m thinking a bench migrate doesn’t remove deleted doctype entries from tabDoctypes in the DB (I could be wrong), even after deleting from a custom app… one might still need to delete it from the doctype list itself. This bothers me, as I believe a bench migrate should do this. Nevertheless, if anyone has a better solution or maybe a bench migrate “–” option I am missing, please share… Thanks.